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A baby born in Iraq’s Duhock City needs to go under the knife to remove two extra male genitals he was born with. Doctors said that this was the first time in human history that someone was born with three male genitals. 

Only one of the genitals was found functioning. The other two, which were attached to the bottom of the scrotum and at the end of the penis, were redundant and needed to be surgically detached. The boy was about 3-months old when the “Triphallia (triple penis), the first reported case in human” study was published in 2020. 

Doctors said that about one in five million boys are born with two penises, diphallia, with about 100 recorded cases since it was first identified 400 years ago. However, the baby boy in Iraq is the first one to have three penises. 

Although there’s one particular case in India that went viral back in 2015, however, experts couldn’t verify this because there wasn’t enough detailed medical information about the case. 

The First of Its Kind

According to Complex, the other extra penises were successfully removed, and an expert-level consultant urologist did the procedure in the urosurgery and penile reconstruction industry. The doctor scheduled follow-up appointments with the infant since being released from the hospital with no complications. The follow-up appointments showed no issues from the medical procedure. 

According to them, Dr. Shakir Jabali, a study contributor, said that this was the first recorded case of Triphala. The whole study claimed that this was the first of its kind in human history. What causes the growth of an extra penis continues to baffle scientists all across the globe, and Dr. Jabali says that each case is unique.