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The year 2020 has proved to be quite challenging, mainly because of the coronavirus, which has taken many lives and affected millions in terms of health and financially. Many have lost their jobs, and millions of people are on the blink of financial turmoil.

The coronavirus has arguably revealed just how important it is to have your finances so that you will not be caught off-guard. Fortunately, we have some tips that can help you survive the economic fallout caused by the coronavirus.

Start budgeting for the future

Things are currently not looking good, and they might continue like that for some time. This means that you have to consider being more careful to spend your money wisely and thus the need to budget for the future carefully. Ensure you only spend on necessities and not luxuries.

Create an emergency fund

If you do not have an emergency fund, now is the time to create one, especially if you still have a regular income. The coronavirus has demonstrated through its economic impact that income sources can dry up quickly, or you might face a situation requiring some cash. An emergency fund may come in handy, and the beauty is that if you have one, you do not need to tap into your regular savings. It can be useful, especially in cases where one loses their job or where their business is making losses.

Stop paying for things and jobs that you can do

Many people end up paying a lot for things like minor repairs, lawn mowing, hedge trimming, and many others. Since the goal here is to save as much cash as possible, consider doing those things yourself. DIY projects are good because they allow you to save cash and gain some skill and make good use of your free time.

If you need credit, then use 0% credit cards

At times like these, one may have to resort to borrowing cash if they are cash strapped. If you reach this stage, consider getting credit through % credit cards so that you reduce the burden when it comes to repayments in the future.