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A recent study revealed that some babies don’t develop properly while in the womb. The study conducted by Cambridge University reported that babies regulate their intake of nutrients from the placenta.

This regulation leads to a struggle between the mother’s and father’s partly inherited genes. As the fetus develops, liaising with the mother for food intensifies. It then receives its sustainment from the mother’s placenta.

The placenta is a crucial organ in the body with cells from the mother and child. However, the study reported that at least 10 -15% of babies fail to develop properly due to the diminished proliferation of blood vessels in the organ.

How to assist in the development of blood vessels in the placenta

The study authors utilized genetically engineered rodents to develop blood vessels in the placenta. The authors also investigated the fetus’ involvement in doing so. The fetus issues a message to the placenta when it is time to increase blood vessels.

The message allows other cells in the placenta to make adjustments to transfer nutrients from mother to fetus.

One of the lead authors, Dr. Sandovichi, revealed that the fetus sends signals to the placenta to develop the blood vessels required. When the signals fail to arrive, then the development of the fetus will halt as it will struggle to obtain adequate nutrients.

What the study revealed about the development of the fetus

The study revealed that the signal sent by the baby to the mother is known as the IGF2 signal. The signal is transmitted via the umbilical cord to the placenta, promoting the growth of hormones.

The hormone level usually increases after 29 weeks of gestation and proceeds until the term. The study revealed that the signal produced in adequate amounts or reduced amounts would cause growth deficiency, and increased amounts are connected to excessive growth.

The experiments revealed that underdeveloped fetuses are at the risk of developing illnesses such as heart ailments when they become adults. However, a few undeveloped fetuses might end up dying during birth. The IGF2 signal is responsible for organ growth in areas where it is produced.