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The feeling of being a parent is exciting, but the process can also be problematic. Pregnancy is a lot of work right from day one, and getting to the 9th month is not a walk in the park. Everyone’s journey is different. Different women experience issues at different stages of their pregnancies. Others have them throughout the pregnancy period.

And by the way, despite the number of children you have, no childbirth experience can be likened to another. However, there is something similar in all the journeys; labor and delivery. So let us talk about labor stages, what to expect and how delivery occurs.

Expecting the Unexpected Despite Having a Birth Plan in Place

It is common for every pregnant woman to visualize the delivery process, especially the vaginal one, which culminates from four stages. In reviewing them;

The first stage brings early and active labor as well as transition. Early labor entails contractions of the uterus and has nothing serious except mild discomfort. Eating small snacks, taking a warm birth, and relaxing walks are highly recommended. More substantial contractions during active labor come alongside back and leg pains. At this level, you need to engage the hospital within your birth plan. And at the transition point, the cervix dilates to completion, painfully but short-lived.

Pushing and birth is the second stage, where the magic happens because it is time to deliver the baby. Delivery is equated to bearing down. Thanks to the deep breaths one has to take while bearing them down with each contraction. The deal is delivering the baby’s head because the rest of the body comes out quickly.

Not many women are keen on the third stage of delivering the placenta. Emotions and endorphins are usually very high from the monumental feat of having their bundle of joy.

However, nurses and doctors help push the placenta out, and you could feel some mild contractions for about five to twenty minutes.

Finally, it is time to allow the uterus to return to its original size. This may sometimes come along with cramps. All said and done, child birth processes should be seamless if you have a qualified doctor.