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According to JP Morgan, Broadcom will be handling all of Apple’s components for making a class of new chips in the newer iPhone models. Broadcom will be generating $10 per iPhone sale. Apple used Qualcomm’s licensed technology and patents for its iPhone designs for many years now, thus focusing on basic mobile system functions, like communication and connectivity.

But, a lot of disputes sprung up between both the companies, each blaming each other for several reasons like royalties, etc. Now, Broadcom will be maintaining a total share of non-radio frequency chips in the newer iPhone models.

Analyst, Harlan Sur says Broadcom will be the sole provider of features like GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and wireless charging capabilities in the next line of iPhone. The analyst also anticipates more content gains in the 2019 models of iPhone as the company moves towards Broadcom’s next-gen Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo chips.

Sur also added that there will be 8-10% increase in non-radio frequency dollar in the new iPhone models that are slated to be released on 2018. The driving forces are the increased GPS rates, new and upgraded wireless charging chip, etc. The partnership should contribute in a positive direction and drive profits to the California-based chipmaker.

The firm is expecting the chip-making company to report adjusted EPS of $4.77 per share, which is well ahead of the consensus estimate of $4.63. Sur has a $337 price target in place for Broadcom which implies that more than 30% upside by the end of 2018 from Monday’s close.

Even though the stock rose till 0.3% on Tuesday, Broadcom has been underperforming till now. Its shares were trading at $259.05 per share, up $0.68 (+0.26%). Overall, Broadcom has gained only 1.57%, in contrary to a 3.43% rise in the index of S&P 500 in the same time period.