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The upcoming next-generation Sony’s PlayStation 5 will be more powerful than Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, according to a new leak. The leak indicates that PS5 will have powerful features that include full digital backward compatibility with previous-generation PlayStation consoles and a huge library of games available at launch.

Next-generation PS5 could be powerful than Xbox Series X

Also, the leak touches on the PS5 controller with a heartbeat monitor, hepatic feedback, and a microphone. All these features have either been discovered in PS5 patents, or Sony has mentioned them directly. Therefore if this is true, then it will be interesting on the current Teraflops arguments that have been going around on which is a more powerful console than the other. Last month Microsoft said that its Xbox Series X will have 12 teraflops, and the leak has used this to rank PS5 as more powerful even though Sony hasn’t confirmed how many Teraflops it will have.

However, despite all this debate, the backward compatibility with previous generation consoles will be a huge feat. Sony has, in the past, struggled to bring previous generations games forward; thus, if they managed to do so in the upcoming PS5, that will be a huge milestone.

AMD says Xbox Series X and PS5 will have same graphical abilities

Advanced Micro Devices has weighed in the battle of Teraflops, indicating that the consoles will less be the same. This is because the PS5 and Xbox Series X will both used graphics technology powered by the company’s RDNA 2 GPU. This will ensure that games on both consoles are incredible. This revelation could likely put an end to the debate on which is powerful between the two consoles in terms of specifications.

Since the consoles will be using the same RDNA 2 GPUs, then it means that they have the same power. Already Microsoft has confirmed the teraflops for its Xbox Series X, and Sony is yet to provide for PS5, but since they have the same graphical abilities, then there is none which is powerful than the other.