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Amazon’s Echos speakers are increasingly becoming popular, and people have gone from having just one Echo speaker in every room to virtually having the whole house packed with voice assistants with one only one speaker. For those looking to have the Echo Dot speakers in their home, they can get one now at $24.99 through Woot.

Get 50% off today for Echo Dot Speakers at Woot

This is 50% the normal retail price for the speakers, and although the Woot deal has been slated for only today, they could sell out sooner. For those seeking to buy one, they can buy the Heather Gray, Sandstone, and Charcoal models.

The Echo Dot speaker is one of the ways you can make your home smart because Alexa voice assistance is built into the speaker. The speakers give you the ability to listen to music from various streaming platforms, control smart home devices such as Nest Thermostats, Phillips Hue bulbs, and many more. You can ask anything like the weather, and the voice assistant installed in the speakers will help you. When cooking dinner, you could even set a timer such that your dinner doesn’t burn.

Several features make the Echo Dot speakers amazing and worthy of having. For those who are not tech-savvy, the speaker makes it’s effortless, and you can do much by just speaking what you want to be done.

The new version of Echo Dot speakers

Although there is a different version of the Echo Dot speaker that was released recently, there are several specifications that differentiate it from the one on offer. The new model has an in-built LED clock display, which adds convenience. However, that shouldn’t be the deal-breaker for those interested in considering the sale price today. Any extra savings you make today can go into neat Echo Dot accessories.

Delivery at Woot costs around $6 per order, but for Amazon Prime Members, they can get free shipping if they log in before checking out. To score free shipping for those who are not members, you can opt-in for a 30-day-free Prime membership trial today.