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The pandemic came with many readjustments. One thing people have gotten used to and actually started enjoying is working from home. With mass vaccination at its peak and many companies planning to reopen their offices, a new survey shows that 58% of the people who’ve been working from home are ready to continue working remotely.

Nobody wants to go back to the office

FlexJobs conducted the poll on more than 2100 respondents worldwide who were, or still are, working remotely. It reveals that only 11% of the participants said they would not have a problem being recalled to the office.

The poll also reveals that over 65% of the participants would like to continue working from home full-time after the pandemic. A third would prefer a mixed arrangement between the office and working remotely, while only 2% say they look forward to being back at the office. The poll is a dramatic contrast from a similar one just a month before, which revealed that only a third of participants would quit their jobs if they were forced to go back to the office.

Founder and CEO of FlexJobs say that she’s not surprised by these figures. She adds that the landscape around working remotely has changed considerably during the pandemic and will have long-term effects on the job market.

While there’s widespread negativity surrounding COVID quarantine, people are not dying to go back to the office. However, the poll reveals that the fear of contracting the disease causes 49% of the participants biggest fear of going back to the office. Another 43% are afraid it will disrupt their current work-life balance, while 46% worry they will have less work flexibility.

It’s all about the money

The biggest reason for this positive attitude towards working remotely is the big savings the participants are making by not having to go to an office. Working from home for many means not having to eat out, savings on gas or logistics, dry cleaning, and other things they don’t need when working from home.