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Are you struggling with upper body fat that you have tried to get rid of unsuccessfully? Chances are that it has not been working because you have been engaging in the wrong type of exercise.

Fortunately, there is always a more efficient way of doing things. According to Julian Arana, an experienced personal trainer, you can burn belly fat at a faster rate by trying the following:

  • Burn more calories through a variety of activities. The first is reducing your daily calorie intake while ensuring that you burn more than you consume. Doing this will ensure that you do not gain more weight. If you combine low-calorie intake with exercise, the fat burn rate will increase. A high-calorie diet will cancel out any gains from physical exercise, which means that your eating habits might be holding you back.
  • Try a variety of exercises that you can do every day to make sure you burn fat in different upper body areas. For example, you can do dumbbell chest presses, lateral pulldowns, pullups, and pushups. You can also do some extra exercises such as rollers, crunches, and sit-ups to burn belly fat. Most of these exercises will benefit your entire body.
  • Arana also offered some recommendations for individuals that have a lot of pesky arm fat that is hard to get rid of. Some of the most efficient exercises for burning belly fat include tricep exercises like pulldowns and overhead extension exercises. You can also incorporate standing bicep curls for bicep trimming. There are also common arm exercises such as pull-ups.

Exercise is just half of the job and if you want better results, you have to consider your nutrition. Nutritionists recommend that you consume low-carb diets, and perhaps even consider consuming smaller rations. You also have to ensure consistency for both exercise and nutrition so that the results will also be consistent.

Also, check your eating habits. Make sure you do not eat heavy foods before going to sleep and sleep 2 to 3 hours or more. Most of the food we eat at night is processed and stored as fat in our bodies because there is no physical exercise taking place.