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President Trump has reversed his position on the Huawei ban, and it seems like US companies will be able to do business with the Chinese telecom giant. Last month the US banned companies from doing business with Huawei because of espionage allegations. During the G20 Conference, Trump rescinded his decision and announced that US companies would continue doing business with Huawei.

Huawei ban lifted

Huawei had been placed in the Entity List, which meant that US companies were not supposed to do business with the company. The first company to follow the directive was Alphabet’s Google with its Android system. Qualcomm and Intel could equally follow suit later. Even if the ban has been lifted the impact it had on Huawei was enormous and it will take time for the company to recover.

It is, however, unclear whether this reprieve extends to the 5G network that the company is building, but it applies to Google and Android. According to terms of the previous ban, Google was banned from selling Android license to the Chinese company implying that Huawei phones could be using the base open-source code and no access to Google apps and Plays store.

In the press conference, Trump did not mention Qualcomm, Intel or Google but he stated that US companies can now do business with Huawei because they are dealing in equipment which is not a national security concern. He added that they would keep selling the products considering its American companies that make the products which are highly scientific and complex.

Incredible work in Silicon Valley reason for lifting the ban

He stated that what the companies had done in Silicon Valley was incredible as no one can compete with them, and thus, he has agreed to let them continue selling their products to Huawei.

Despite having a reprieve of 90 days, the company had already initiated plans of developing its operating system and has reportedly reached top Xiaomi, Vivo, and Oppo as partners. However, it remains to be seen whether the company will go on with the plans now that Google will continue selling them their Android license.