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Choosing a cell phone plan can be an overwhelming task especially given the vast number of carriers available to select from. Each carrier is unique in what it offers in terms of the different plans and therefore choosing the right plan may involve comparing more than just reliability of the carrier, its coverage, and speed.

Here are things to consider when choosing a plan:

Reliability of the network

The first question to ask yourself is which carriers offers the best service in your locality both at home and work. The quality of network varies drastically within a region or metro area and it is vital to consider which one is the most reliable network in your area.

Review each plan

After establishing how reliable each carrier is you can now embark at reviewing phone plans. The plan shows you the amount of talk time includes data and texts, the upfront and monthly costs as well as other feature that come with the plan.

How much data you are using

Since plans are based on data nowadays the best value can be achieved from the unlimited data plan but then look at how often you are using data before deciding on a plan. Consider the times you will be away from Wi-Fi and the use for you data whether it is work or social media use.

Offers and special deals

When looking at the plans you should check out extra features tiered to the plan and the special promotions and deals that the carrier may be offering. At times you will get discounted plans, bonus on prepaid plans and even 2-for-1 phone deals.

Sometimes the carriers can partner with other companies to provide promotion deals which thus give the plan more value. The plans with extras are usually competitive and can appeal to most users.