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The Sept. 14 attacks on the oil facilities of Saudi Arabia witnessed the blame cast on Iran‘s capital Tehran. Some of the countries that made this allegation included Britain, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. They cast the blame on Tehran publicly, a matter that caused Iran to stand up in its defense. Iran dismissed these allegations as mere speculations insisting that it was not involved. The matter got to the point of the Iran-aligned Houthi militant group situated in Yemen claiming responsibility for the attacks.

Reasons for the attack

Some officials speaking on a condition of anonymity have disclosed crucial details. According to them, the late September operation targeted fighting “propaganda.”They claimed that Tehran was engaging in the spread of “propaganda,” and something needed to be done about it.

One of the officials went a step further to disclose that the strike adversely affected the physical hardware.

This attack indicates Trump’s determination and dedication to countering what is being sees as Iranian aggression. The Minister of Communications and Information Technology of Iran Mohammad Javad Azari-Jahromi is against the allegations directed at Tehran. In a recent interview, he dismissed those accusing Iran as having merely dreamt about the matter.

A close outlook into the matter

However, there is one controversial aspect of the whole matter. There are reasons to believe that the U.S. strike is somehow limited. It isn’t coming out strongly as the other operations the country has conducted before. One proof for that is the fact that one of this country’s drones was downed in June.

The US says it would take some time to determine the overall impact of the strike. It runs to its defense on claims that it sees the cyber attacks as somehow less-provocative. For this reason, it considers such as not a good enough reason to engage in a serious war.

As expected, the Pentagon needed to act with speed. It sent out thousands of additional equipment and troops to contain the situation as well as bolster the Saudi defenses. Reporters moved out to ask the Pentagon to make a statement regarding the matter. It refused to make comments in that regard. The Pentagon spokeswoman Elissa Smith said it was against their policies to discuss matters regarding operational security. According to her, discussions surrounding intelligence, cyberspace operations, and planning were very critical.