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Working or living abroad is perhaps one of the many dreams for a majority of people. However, accomplishing this dream is not a walk in the park due to the immigration process, which can be complex, involving and expensive. Unfortunately, anyone who wants to migrate to the US has to adhere to it.

Obtaining an immigration visa is the first step to entering the United States. You can apply for a family- or employer-sponsored visa and thereafter a permanent resident status. Another way is obtaining a Green Card, which qualifies you to apply for citizenship under the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Let us explore the different visas available for immigration

Nonimmigrant Visas: – These are commonly for business visitors and tourists. They last for one year and they also accommodate temporary labor, for example, those engaged in harvesting crops. However, for those intending to work, their employers must demonstrate the fact that they could get a suitable candidate in the US for that role.

Diversity Lottery visas: – They primarily target people from low-admission countries. Only 55,000 immigrant visas are offered but applicants must meet certain conditions including 2 years of work experience and in a field, they have trained for not less than two years.

Family-sponsored visa: – This is done through a family member already living in the United States. However proof of the relationship is one of the many processes of obtaining this kind of visa.

Fiancé (e) Visa: – This is a marriage visa, which is acquired through engagement and marriage to a U.S. Citizen

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that the immigration fees vary from country to country and other factors such as the type of visa. Also, there is no certainty of how long it can take to complete the process.

However, due to the complex nature of the process, it is strongly recommended that you engage an immigration lawyer who has the expertise. They will not only help navigate around the process, but they will give you a full understanding of the requirements. Nonetheless, engaging a lawyer also comes with a cost but it is usually worth.