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According to an Australian doctor, Queen Elizabeth II might have died of peripheral vascular disease. There was no announcement about the cause of death of Her Royal Highness, who the family said: “died peacefully.”  However, in weeks ahead of her death, reports indicated she was having problems such as mobility issues, making her unable to attend some events. 

Australian doctor reveals cause of Queen Elizabeth’s Death 

A doctor’s report indicated that the frail appearance of the Queen at the final royal appointment indicated that she could die in days. Perth-based Dr. Deb Cohen-Jones said the photos of the Queen’s hands when she posed with new UK Prime Minister Liz Truss at Balmoral Castle in Scotland showed declining health.

The Queen could have died from peripheral vascular disease, which causes narrowing or blockage of blood vessels around the brain and heart, affecting blood circulation. Similarly, the disease can cause heart failure at times. According to the doctor, when peripheral circulation fails, organs cannot receive adequate blood, which is a sign of multiple-organ failure.

“Mottled” hands a sign of peripheral vascular disease 

Evidence indicates that Queen had the disease, whose symptoms manifest as numbness, muscle fatigue, and needles. Another pointer is the “mottling” hands of the Queen. Whenever blood circulation is ineffective, blood pressure drops, leading to low blood flow in the body leading to extremities feeling cold. 

Surprisingly, it is impossible to know how long the Queen had a “mottled” hand since she is always wearing gloves and hasn’t been seen for some time. The Queen’s slightly hunched appearance seems to be her age, but osteoporosis could also be a factor. 

On the other hand, Queen Elizabeth II had mobility issues, and when she received Truss at the Balmoral Castle, he was using a walking stick. She had mobility problems carrying her duties at the retreat in Aberdeenshire rather than Buckingham Palace. Since last autumn, the Queen had experienced episodic mobility issues, which prompted the income and outgoing premiers to travel the long trip for a visit.