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More than 60% of the world’s population depends on agriculture for survival. For that reason, technological advancements have come into play to ensure there is a constant supply of agricultural produce to support the masses.

Technological advancements have since given rise to some of the most profitable agricultural business ideas in 2020, consequently creating agriculture business opportunities around the world. Small farms are increasingly cropping up as entrepreneurs move with speed to take advantage of moneymaking agriculture business ideas.

In our list of the most profitable agricultural business ideas in 2020, we have focused on ideas that require small initial capital as well as those that need a sizeable amount of capital. While some agricultural ideas require a special degree of experience, some don’t.

Our listing also contains agricultural business ideas that require huge chunks of land, as well as those that require small pieces of land. We have also focused on agricultural opportunities that require a variety of equipment, as well as those that don’t.

In narrowing the list, we also focused on agricultural business opportunities that are likely to guarantee high-profit margins when done in large as well as small scale. In narrowing the list further, we also focused on agricultural opportunities whose products are always in high demand year-round.

In ensuring that we ended up with an up to date list, with ideal agricultural opportunities for the current generation, we crosschecked our opportunities with recent updates on Profitable Venture as well as Business Maza.

We also compile lists like 10 New Trending Business Ideas for Beginners and The 12 Most Profitable Small Businesses to broaden our horizon and identify emerging trends in advance. Here is our list the top 10 Most Profitable Agricultural Business Ideas in 2020.

#10 Fish Farming 

Fish farming is one of the most profitable agricultural business ideas in 2020 for people with a big chunk of space. Contrary to perception, this large-scale agriculture business opportunity does not always require large water body.

All you need is to create fishponds by digging the earth’s surface or investing in fish tanks where the fish can reside and breed. Some of the best fish to rear in ponds include tilapia cod and catfish, given they are readily available market.

However, the type of fish you decide to rear will depend on your level of skill as well as financial capacity and agro-climatic condition.

Fish Farming

#9 Poultry Farming 

You can never go wrong with poultry farming as an agricultural business idea. Demand for poultry, as well as its byproducts, is always high, year-round. As an agricultural business opportunity, you can do poultry farming for meat and egg production as well as for hatchery.

Poultry Farming

#8 Herb Gardening 

Herb Gardening is a small farm business idea for people who are cautious of the type of food they consume. As one of the most profitable agricultural business opportunity, herb gardening does not require a big chunk of land. Just like tree nursery farming, all you need is a small piece of land to be able to grow various herbs.

The type of herbs to grow would depend on the demand in the market as well as expertise. Variety is of great importance if one is to enjoy the benefits of herb gardening.

Herb Gardening

#7 Vegetable Farming 

Vegetable farming is underestimated, despite the high returns it always guarantees. As people become more health-conscious, the demand for vegetables has continued to grow, giving rise to one of the most profitable agriculture business opportunity in 2020.

With proper knowledge, you can launch a successful career as a vegetable farmer. All you will need, in this case, is a sizeable piece of land to be able to grow a wide variety of vegetables. Onions, tomatoes capsicums kales and cabbages are some of the best to start with.

Vegetable Farming

 #6 Planting Service

If you have all the experience and skills needed to be successful as a farmer, then you can start a consulting service focused on providing advice on matters farming. For starters, you can build a business centered around planting crops, moving around, providing valuable advice on what crops to grow, and when.

By working with other farmers, you can make a substantial amount of money as a consultant. As one of the most profitable agricultural business ideas, it does not require any initial investment.

Planting Service

#5 Bee Farming 

Bee Farming is an agricultural business opportunity for people who have time and ample land space to spare. With the demand for pure honey on the rise, you can never go wrong with this agriculture business idea. While beekeeping requires a small initial investment capital, security measurements are important to ensure a bee farm does not end up being hazardous.

If you are not confident doing the actual work, then you can opt to start a honey supply business by sourcing honey in large quantities and selling in small quantities.

Bee Farming

#4 Pig Farming 

Piggery is turning out to be a moneymaking agricultural business idea for people with sufficient landholding. Pig farming does not consume a lot of initial capital, as pigs can consume anything. For that matter, you can rear pig side-by-side poultry, as they will be able to consume whatever is left behind by poultry.

While starting a pig farm, be sure to settle on good breeds that result in good sizes when fully grown. Pig meat is always in demand as it is used in a wide variety of products.

Pig Farming

#3 Goat Sheep and Dairy Farming

With small capital, you can venture into goat and dairy farming, given the consistent demand for goat and sheep meat as well as dairy products. These set of farming do not require much space with the right planning. However, experience about dairy farming is vital. While goats are mostly raised for their meat, Sheep are advantageous as they are a source of wool milk and skin.

Goat Sheep and Dairy Farming

 #2 Tree Nursery

Tree nursery has turned out to be a money-making agricultural business idea in 2020, given the small amount of space it requires as well as capital. With just 1 to 20 seedlings and a small acre of land, you are sure to get it right with this small farm business idea.

While tree nursery can give rise to other agriculture business opportunities, it is important to research some of the best baby trees to invest in. Focus on a mixture of trees as well as fruit trees to be able to tap on a wider target market. With the right marketing strategy, you can never go wrong with this money-making agriculture business idea.

Tree Nursery

 #1 Mushroom Farming 

Mushroom farming is turning out to be one of the most profitable agricultural business ideas in 2020 for entrepreneurs in need of quick money. With this small business idea, you stand to enjoy a turnaround in under three weeks.

With the demand for quality and organic mushrooms always on the rise, consistent profits should be the order of the day with this moneymaking agricultural business opportunity. In addition to requiring only a small piece of land, the initial starting capital is also small.

Mushroom farmin