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Mozilla and Google chrome is now offering tools that will alert you in case of a potential data breach. Mozilla has unveiled Firefox 70 for Mac, Windows, and Linux enabled with privacy protection feature. The features included a privacy protection report, social tracking protection as well as notification of native data breach for saved logins.

There move comes after Google also integrated new security features to its Google Chrome. They integrated what they call “Password Checkup,” which is a feature that allows users to analyze passwords stored with Google as well as test their integrity. Consequently, if a password appears compromised, Google will invite you to change it.

Firefox integrates “Firefox Monitor” into the browser

Firefox has integrated “Firefox Monitor” in the browser, which provides notifications regarding breach of your saved passwords. Among the notable updates that Mozilla has brought us the new privacy protections report acting as a handy control panel of blocked trackers on Firefox simplified by type. They have equally integrated Firefox’s Lockwise logins management, too, with the monitor.

The company has been working to enhance the security of users. Last October, they started providing granular control on third party tracking with Enhanced Tracking Protection. They have now included social media trackers to third-party tracking. As a result, they will now block trackers Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn.

You have to sync your passwords to protect them

However, the security option is not enabled by default, and you will have to turn it on. Also, it is important to note that both the Firefox and Chrome privacy protection tools only work after you have synced the stored passwords to their respective services. You also need to have an updated browser, and for this case, it will be Firefox 70 or Google Chrome 78. You will then create an account to save the passwords.

The addition of the security features is an indication that browser companies are taking the security of users serious. They are actively addressing the data breaches owing to the growing frequency of massive data breaches.