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Technological advancements are transforming the motor world and nowadays are shifting from fuel engines to hybrid or electric engines. Hybrid cars are increasingly becoming popular, and they are cars that use two engines.

The car has a conventional engine that uses either diesel or petrol and an electric engine. The fuel engine powers the cars when it is accelerating at high speeds while it uses the electric engine when at low speeds. Although hybrid cars are increasingly becoming common, some people have not embraced them because they don’t know how cars work. Here are some of the benefits of hybrid cars:

Benefits of hybrid cars

Hybrid cars are environment-friendly compared to cars that use fuel. The car has good gas mileage and is cleaner because of the twin powered fuel and electric engines. Therefore it cuts on gasoline consumption at the same time conserving energy. Because it requires less fuel, which means fewer emissions to the environment.

The other benefit is that many incentives and credits support hybrid cars, thus making them affordable. Exemption from congestion charges and low road tax bills in the first year, as well as company car tax, are some of the incentives one can get. There are equally more incentives programs using credits and discounts to assist in purchasing and use of hybrids.

The performance of the engine is enhanced, just like in a conventional automatic vehicle. There are different power modes in some hybrid cars, which enables the driver to select maximum performance or efficiency as per the driving conditions. Its braking system is also regenerative, which means that every time the driver brakes the battery is charged a little.

Why a hybrid car

A hybrid car will be a good pick of you are always around and within the town, since you can run on electric power only, thus saving on energy costs. It offers you more flexibility if you are doing low mileage, helping you save on gas.  However, if you are someone who makes long-distance travel, the hybrid may not be the ideal car.