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Good news for health-conscious customers. Apple has introduced a new feature to its flagship product – Apple Watch. It can now detect oxygen levels in your blood. This is in addition to the early feature to monitor the irregular heartbeat.

What Tipsters say?

In a chat with 9to5Mac, Tipsters said Apple has improved the functionality of its smart wristwatch to detect oxygen levels in your blood. It sends an alert if your oxygen levels fall below the threshold. This feature is similar to irregular heart monitoring functionality already available on this watch. Apple has not confirmed whether a software or hardware update is required to get this latest oxygen level monitoring feature in the watch.

Working on ECG function

According to a communiqué from Apple, it is working to implement improved ECG function to provide accurate results between 100 and 120 beats in a minute. However, it is not sure whether the latest features would be available in the next-generation Apple Watch. Low levels of oxygen in your blood could increase the risk of lung and heart attacks. It is a vital tool for the public to safeguard their health.

Google’s Fitbit introduces blood oxygen levels detection

Google’s Fitbit has added a blood oxygen level detection feature to its devices. The company enables blood oxygen tracking feature to Versa Lite, Versa, Ionic, Charge 3, and Versa 2. It is a boon for the users to detect if their oxygen levels in the blood fall below the threshold and take immediate help from healthcare professionals to protect their life. The users can easily identify breathing issues through this innovative feature. Other companies that introduced SpO2 monitoring in wristwatch include Garmin, which uses a Pulse Ox tracker.

How to monitor oxygen levels using Fitbit devices?

Fitbit has quietly added new features in its devices for health-conscious customers. Healthy oxygen levels in your blood are important to ensure even distribution of oxygen to all the organs and ensure their proper functioning. The customers can monitor their oxygen levels during a long hike, sleep, and HIIT workout. Fitbit has added an oxygen level monitoring feature under the sleep portion in its app. The users can update their software to get this feature. You need to just enable the blood oxygen level monitoring.