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As you age, you should expect to pay more for your car insurance regardless of the years of experience you have accumulated. Insurance companies usually view seniors as riskier drivers because of physical changes such as slower reflexes vision loss or loss of hearing that make them prone to accidents. Here are some tips seniors should consider to lower their rates.

Enrolling in driving lessons

Taking a driving course is not only for teenagers who want to pass a test and get their licenses. Seniors can as well enroll in driving which can help them in lowering their insurance rates and even if one has an accident free history it is essential to take a driving course to help refresh on road safety.

Insurance.com reveals that around 34 states currently mandate offering of an insurance discount to seniors taking these courses. Normally the discount can be up to 5% of the insurance rates although some states mandate even up to 15% discount.

Change the vehicle

Different cars have different insurance rates, and as you age, you should consider having a cheap car, which can be easy to insure. A cheap car is one the insurer will consider to be safe with very little repairs. The rates will decrease if the senior has a cheap car to insure and they can reduce further if they manage to get discounts for features like anti-theft and airbags.

Driving less

If you are above 65 years old, then you may be driving less, and as a result, your insurance agency can give you a discount because you are driving less. What you can be able to save as a low mileage driver depends on your state. Some states offer up to 10% discount, so make sure you note to your insurer.

Compare rates

You can shop around and compare rates of the different insurance companies because you may find one company that may be willing to offer more. Consider local and regional providers without name recognition because they offer lower rates as well as great customer experience.  You can check rates yearly because some of these insurance agencies are revising their rates annually to remain competitive.