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US officials indicate that the US navy warship that downed an Iranian drone last week in the Strait of Hormuz might also have downed a second drone. An official reaffirmed that they had brought down one drone last week on Thursday and the other went off radar which is an indication that it might have been destroyed. Iranian authorities have however refuted the claims indicating that have not lost any drone.

USS Boxer downed Iranian drones as a defence action

Central Command spokesperson Lt. Col. Earl Brown stated that the action that the USS Boxer took was a defensive action responding to the hostile exchanges by Iran’s unmanned aircraft system (UAS) platforms in the Strait of Hormuz. The ship engaged the two platforms as a defensive action and the marines and sailors on board the USS Boxer saw one drone drop into the water and the other has since disappeared off the radar.

Earl added that the US has the obligation of defending her interests, facilities as well as personnel and called upon nations to denounce efforts aimed at disrupting freedom of navigations and commerce.

The two UAS operated by Iranian military were brought down using electronic measures of a Marine Corps anti-drone jamming device placed on the deck of the USS Boxer. There were two unrelated incidences while the ship was navigating through the Strait of Hormuz between the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf.

In an Interview with CBS News, General Kenneth McKenzie reaffirmed the bringing down of the drones stating that they are confident the second drone had been downed.

Aggressive activity from Iranians

Besides the drones officials in the Defence Department have indicated that on Thursday the naval ship had to equally to content with several Iranian fast ships that approached the ship as well as a helicopter. The USS Boxer sent up a helicopter to ward off the Iranian helicopter by flying side by side.

There is growing tension between the US and Iran with the US accusing Iran of a number of attacks on shipping in the Gulf region.