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A new poll indicates that most Americans are supporting the impeachment of President Trump as well as his removal from office. Trump has seen his approval ratings slide to all-time lows. He should now start worrying about shrinking manufacturing.

US manufacturing Shrinking as the effects of trade war start to appear

However, the most worrying survey for Trump is the Institute for Supply Management survey on the manufacturing firms. The survey shows that manufacturing has shrunk in the last two consecutive months. August recorded the lowest for the sector in over ten years since the 2008 crisis. This reflects a slowdown in global economies, and that of the US worsened by the tariff wars with China.

Vox’s Emily Stewart indicates that recessions don’t just happen; they must be a trigger. Concerns about and economic crunch should be worrying for Trump ahead of the 2020 election. Over the past, Trump has boasted about his ability to reinvigorate the manufacturing sector in the US. ISM reported a contraction in the US manufacturing sector, which is a sign of recession.

According to the ISM survey, the manufacturing index declined last month to the lowest the US has since in over a decade. The index slipped to 47.8%, and since this is below 50%, it an indication of a shrinking industry. Bleakley Advisory Groups Chief investment officer Peter Boockvar indicated that the US had tariffed itself into a manufacturing recession.

Trump blames the Federal Reserve for the woes facing manufacturing

Trump took to Twitter to blame the Federal Reserve for keeping interest high, which is hurting manufacturing. He indicated that the Federal Reserve has let the US dollar to be strong compared to other currencies which thus hurting manufacturers. He added that the Fed rate was high, which makes them their worst enemies who do not have a clue.

Since he assumed office, Trump has been talking about reviving the US manufacturing sector. Although there were flashes of it growing two years ago when the manufacturing index was 59%, his tariff war with China has done more damage.