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Innovation is changing lives not only for the young and the youth but also for the elderly. Technology is no longer a thing for a particular set of people, given the presence of smartphones, which are accessible by everyone. However, the seniors may find it difficult to navigate around these gadgets, but the good news is that little tweaks here, and there can be helpful.

Increasing the text size

Anyone with visual impairment may have trouble reading the usual text sizes. However, increasing the text size improves readability. However, as you increase the text size, remember also to increase the contrast to avoid having unclear colors.

Activate voice control options

Typing messages could be a difficult task for seniors with shaky hands. Nonetheless, through the use of voice-activated digital assistants, they can speak out their messages without typing.

Configure speed dials

Some seniors have particular people they contact more often. As a result, giving them easy accessibility to the people’s contact is paramount. Speed dials are the tweaks to consider, and it saves them time to scroll through all the contacts or recent calls. Alternatively, add all their important contacts to the Favorites.

Improve accessibility

Some features such as flashlight may not sound so necessary, but they are equally important. Teach them to use the flashlight when in dark or dim environments. A Teamviewer app is also useful for those people who do not stay with their seniors. You can access them remotely on their devices.

Turning on ringer volume

This would be very helpful for any senior with hearing impairment. The ringer volume can be at its maximum but also remember to have a clear and distinct ringtone. There is also the option of Vibrate on Ring or Vibrate on Silent.

The market has a product for every person regardless of their age. They may not be as fancy as for the younger generation, but they will meet the intended purpose. Besides, a phone has become a ‘must-have’ device, thanks to the evolving world. So don’t deny your seniors accessibility to a phone despite how basic it could be.