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For many years, sports betting has encountered so much stigma from every corner of the world. However, the stigma is quickly fading away and is being replaced by sports investing. Hundreds of thousands of people are making money in sports, but only those who can tap on the right strategies.

This article outlines some of the common strategies average American investors are applying to cash in on sports and without being an elite player: –

Team ownership

Having access to big and great teams, the likes of NHL, NFL, NBA, and Major League Baseball is amazing. It gives you access to every game and lots of other perks. However, while team ownership may be the best investment, you must be ready to spend given that $290 million is the amount attached to a team considered to have the lowest value.

Sports Collectibles

Do you think a collection of a sports memorabilia can make anyone rich? Yes, it can. Think about things such as autographed balls, vintage sports, game-worn jerseys, and trading cards. All these are treasures, which can become an investment after retirement. The good thing is that with time, their value increases; thus, patience is of the essence.

Health Club and Fitness Franchises

Gyms have found a way of making more money. They have not only reduced their costs, but they are also increasing gym hours. This is in addition to the hundreds of dollars paid monthly as royalty fees. Perhaps it is time to buy a gym franchise of you do frequent training sessions. However, the associated investment is not cheap, especially if you are targeting established brands.

Publicly Traded Sports Companies

This is the simplest way of storming the sports world. Companies that manufacture or sell sports equipment, clothing, and athletic footwear are making it big. Lululemon Athletica, Under Armour, and Nike are among the many, which have taken the world of sports by storm.

You may want to own a sportswear company someday, right? Start by investing in shares of sports companies and possibly invest in major retailers, including Dick’s Sporting Goods or Foot Locker.