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On Monday President Donald Trump slammed London Mayor Sadiq Khan labeling him a stone-cold loser after Khan criticized Trump’s stated visit to Britain. President Trump is in Britain with his wife Melania for a three-day visit.

Trump slams London Mayor

Trump lashed at the mayor hours before touching down through a tweet in which he said that Khan had done a terrible job as Mayor of London by all accounts and he has been foolishly nasty to the US president who by far is a vital ally of the UK.

He added that the Mayor was a stone cold loser who should concentrate on crime in London and not him. He added that Khan reminds him of the Mayor of New York who he said is dump an incompetent and has also done a terrible job.

Early on Sunday, the Mayor had indicated that it was essential to have better relations with the US, but the UK should not roll out a red carpet for President Trump who he likened to a 20th-century fascist. A spokesman of the Mayor retaliated to Trump’s tweets indicating that his sentiments were much more severe than childish insults that are beneath a US president. The spokesman continued stating that Khan represents that progressive values of London and the UK warning that Trump is an egregious example of the increasing far-right threat across the world.

The feud between Trump and Khan began in 2016

This is not the first time the two men had engaged in a war of words as the feud dates back to 2016 when the Mayor questioned Trump’s vies on Islam, saying that they were ignorant. Trump will then challenge Khan to an IQ test and following the London Bridge, and Borough market attack in 2017, Trump accused the Mayor of pathetic behavior.

The visit is President Trump’s official state visit to Britain as US president, and he is expected to be treated to royal pageantry during his 3-day visit with lunch and dinner with the Queen and tea with Prince Charles as well as a tour to Westminster. He will equally commemorate World War Two D-Day landing anniversary.