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Airbnb is no longer about locals carving a room from their household to accommodate visitors at a fee. Exquisite and glamour continue to define some of the most luxurious listings on the house renting service.

For those with thousands of dollars to spare, while on tour, here are some of the most luxurious listings on Airbnb worth every penny.

West Buckland England

Blackdown Hills in West Buckland England is the place to be if you have some cash and wish to throw a party of up to 16 people. The Somerset Airbnb listing offers incredible bed and breakfast experience at the foot of the Blackdown hills. The site is perfect for parties as well as vacation. However, be ready to spend up to $7,000 a night to entertain your guests.

Elvis Presley’s Former Estate

California is dubbed as one of the most expensive states in the U.S for a good reason. Rental payments in the state run into thousands of dollars and in some cases, to hundreds of thousands. While in Beverly Hills and wish to enjoy some celebrity status, and then be ready to spend $3,884 for a night at Elvis Pressley’s former estate.

The four-bedroomed house lives up to its billings as it provides magnificent views to the surroundings and comes with a backyard lounge as well as a pool and entertainment arena. In addition to vintage buildings, the listing comes with a fleet of luxury vehicles.

Marrakesh Morocco

Marrakesh Morocco is the place to be if you wish to sightsee natural landmarks and experience culture like never before. If you wish to experience the wonders of the top tourist destination, be ready to spend $4,796 a night for a stay at the Riad Farnatchi Boutique Hotel.

The Airbnb listing can accommodate up to 16 people and comes with a private pool as well as an indoor fireplace and rooftop dining. 24-hour service and massage are some of the additional benefits

Saint Barthelmey Pointe Milhous

Saint Barthelmey is the place to be for excellent ocean views in the Caribbean. A six-bedroom house with a spectacular 180-degree Cliffside ocean view awaits anyone ready to spend $8,941 per night at the Seascape villa. Some of the other benefits on offer include an onside gym housekeeper Wi-Fi and cable television.