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MediaSmart and NEXD are joining forces in a bid to make it easier for people to come up with lightweight and highly interactive advertisements. The two are coming together at a time when the demand for rich media is on the rise, thanks to the rapid growth of the mobile sector.

Growing Rich Media Demand

Data by Statista points to an increase in demand for rich media ads, an opportunity that the two advertising firms intend to leverage. Spending on digital spending, mostly focusing on mobile devices, is on the rise and poised to overtake traditional media this year, according to research firm eMarketer.

By coming together, MediaSmart and NEXD intend to do away with media solutions that rely on HTML5 to power ads.  Such platforms have also gone a long way in fuelling the ad blockers phenomenon that has continued to affect advertising campaigns. HTML5 is also seen as a major cause of slow loading pages, having also lead to a limited range in creative options.

NEXD has invested a vast sum of resources in coming up with a rich media-focused ad framework that is far more creative than HTML5, in addition to being lighter and faster.  The new platform should go a long way in enhancing mobile advertising.

Enhancing Interactive Ads Creation

MediaSmart has since moved to take advantage of the new platform by integrating it into its Demand Side Platform dashboard. The integration should go a long way in streamlining the ads creation process for customers.

“With NEXD’s technology, MediaSmart can focus on delivering our advertisers the best the industry has to offer, without compromising the advertiser experience. We have been rolling out the integration for select partners from 20 May, with a view to opening up access to all our customers within the following couple of weeks,” explained MediaSmart CEO, Noelia Amoedo.

A partnership with NEXD sets the stage for the integration of a wide range of new rich media tools as part of an effort of streamlining rich media creation process. The integration should make it easy for MediaSmart customers to come up with engaging, elegant, and interactive adverts that are easy to build using drag and drop methods. Plans are underway to roll out the new features starting with select partners before full access is granted to all customers.

MediaSmart-NEXD Strategic Partnership

The strategic partnership could not have come at a better time as NEXD has been exploring ways of unleashing access to rich media solutions only accessible to a handful of agencies. The rich media ad creator is also increasingly looking for ways to improve audience experience through user-initiated interaction in ads.

NEXD CEO Erik Tammenurm expects a partnership with MediaSmart to have a hand in increasing the number of companies that have access to innovative tools for enhancing mobile ads creation. The firm has also established a broad network of offices around the world. Complimented by MediaSmart’s well-known investors, the two should be able to have a huge impact on the creation of highly interactive ads around the world.