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Life is short to waste it by missing once in a lifetime opportunities. The world has so much to offer, especially to those who enjoy traveling. However, traveling can be expensive if you are not doing it properly. It is necessary to have some balance between enjoying what life is offering and being financially responsible.

Booking a ticket earlier is common in the belief that it comes with substantial saving. And if you are budget conscious, you will have to search and persistently compare prices. Nonetheless, there are ways and means of save hundreds or thousands of dollars on your travel through lesser-known bare airfares.

The secrets airlines will not tell you and which have a substantial saving

A majority of airlines are now using Bare Fare. Small airlines started this few years ago to give big airlines a run for their money. It involved offering zero perks or amenities to customers who used it. There was a lot of enthusiasm from a majority of travelers on a budget and the reason why bare airfares took off so well.

Here are the tips to finding bare airfares and before they can vanish: –

  • Research options online

Airlines will always have prices on their websites and while sometimes they may look much better do not just settle for that. Research online for different options and itineraries

  • Don’t ignore emails from airlines

If you have subscribed to emails from any airline, do not just mark “read.” Some of these emails have options of bare fares, and you can use them for comparison to other airlines.

  • Consider joining discounted fare clubs. This may attract a fee from some airlines, but it is worth it bearing in mind the dollars you will save.
  • Pack light

One of the amenities, which you will not have with bare fare is access to overhead bin storage among many others. So check your bags to ensure you have a light pack. Otherwise, gate checking your bags may attract a $100 fee.

What other amenities does a “bare fare” ticket holder lose?

  • Selection of seats
  • Being able to cancel a flight
  • Free beverages
  • In-flight entertainment
  • Priority boarding
  • Wi-Fi