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Iran’s foreign minister, Javad Zarif, warned of an “all-out-war,” should any country attack it, following allegations that the attacks on Saudi’s oil facilities, originated from Iran.

Iran ready for war if provoked

Zarif told CNN that they are not ready for war, but if provoked they won’t hesitate to defend their territory. The remarks come as the US weighs on possible actions to take regarding the missile and drone striker on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities. Regarding a US or Saudi Arabia attack, the minister said that there would be an all-out war and a lot of causalities.

On Wednesday US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as he traveled to the gulf region stated that the strikes were an act of war. He said that the actions of Iran are threatening and the US will tolerate them.  Pompeo said when he arrived in the UAE that the US is always advocating for a peaceful resolution.

The US still holds that Iran was involved in the attacks

Pompeo met with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman regarding the Saturday attack that destroyed oil infrastructure in the kingdom’s eastern province. Although Houthi rebels in Yemen have claimed responsibility, the US accuses Iran of the attack. Pompeo added that despite the Houthi rebels fraudulently claiming responsibility it still doesn’t change the fact that Iran has put at risk the global oil supply.

Saudi Arabia has indicated that the attacks originated from the north of the country sponsored by Tehran. The attacks on the facilities have reignited concerns regarding a broad conflagration in the gulf region. Tensions are still high following the collapse of Iran’s nuclear deal with world power.

President Trump has indicated that they are pushing for a peaceful solution regarding the standoff with Iran. He, however, reiterated that he could invoke military action against Tehran for the attack.  The president told Fox that if they agree on a peaceful resolution, then that will be good. But there is a possibility that it will not happen.