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If you plan your life well, retirement can be the happiest and most fulfilling period for you. It is essential to be smart about how you manage and spend your finances to avoid stress at old age. Here are three intelligent financial moves senior can make during retirement:

Stick to a budget

While you might not have followed a budget throughout your working days, in retirement, your expenses change rather significantly since it brings your job to an end. Irrespective of the situation, you need to follow and stick to a budget in your retirement. So the sooner you make a plan, the better for you and your dependents. In that manner, you can see where the money you saved is going to, and you can always plan your expenses in prior.

Start Investing

Other than the 401(k) s and any other employer-based retirement accounts, it is essential to start putting some of your money aside for investments. If you are new to investment, you need to check out investment apps such as Acorns, Digit, or Betterment. Such services will help you make small but substantial automatic deposits into your accounts that, once you have enough, could boost you into an investment. On the other hand, you may qualify for a distinctive credit card that places a fraction of purchases into your retirement account.

Manage your debt

Apart from wise spending efforts, it is essential to manage your debt levels before getting to retirement. Huge debts are exceptionally costly and easy to misuse, especially with the high-interest rates, thus should be settled off as soon as possible. Debts such as student loans, mortgages and auto loans are less worrying, but if you are capable, pay them off, that’s even better. Getting into retirement with lesser or no debts will free up your mind and help you lead a more comfortable life.

With these, even if your employer gives you no financial retirement advice, you have all the time to get prepared for a better future. You have all the time to set up your life up as comfortable as you want by observing these steps.