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Frequent travelers in the U.K. have discovered a way of traveling around the world in style and without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. One of them, author Tilly Bagshaw says it is all about knowing flight secrets, which are likely to give you an upgrade to a Business or First Class seat.

Most travelers believe that business class travel is for a certain class of people because of the high rates. However, this is not the case. Read below how you can also upgrade to a business class without parting with excessive prices: –

  • Use of loyalty programs

Many airlines use them as an enticement for travelers to continue booking with them. They come as a reward to loyal customers who get the first consideration when there are vacant business class seats. Chances of being upgraded to first-class seats are therefore high.

  • Bid on discounted tickets

They are not publicly advertised; hence, only a few travelers get to know about them. However, if you are one of the few, you can bid on as many flights as you can both locally and internationally and on the business class option. Some have been lucky to get cheaper business class tickets than those flying in the economy class.

  • Consider the time of ticket booking

More often than not, majority of people are flying on weekends, which means prices escalate. While sometimes you may not be in control of when to fly, consider booking a flight when demand is minimal. September and October are considered the cheapest months for U.K. travelers to fly, and getting discounts on business class seats is very likely.

  • Research online of cheap upgrades

This is normally the fastest way of discovering what the airlines are offering. You will encounter a broad range of options, pros, and cons before considering an upgrade. Do your due diligence and save significantly.

  • Purchase one-way tickets

One way tickets are not popular. On the other hand, roundtrip flights are not always the cheapest. You can also save on booking a one-way ticket because you will have time to shop around for other available deals.