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Your credit score is very important because it is among the factors lenders look at to determine your eligibility for a new card. Credit card issuers offer VantageScores and FICO scores, and sometimes the scores may be the same, or they can differ since the methods of calculating them are not the same. 

Although you are required to pay to get these scores, sometimes issuers can give the scores free of charge. Also, some can offer free credit monitoring, credit reports, credit score simulators, and related services. The good news is that viewing credit scores through these services doesn’t impact your score. Some issuers offering free credit scores include: 

Bank of America: Gives credit card consumers a free FICO score updated monthly, which customers can access through a mobile app, online banking, and mobile website. The bank also gives small businesses a business credit score.

Barclays US: All the 20 credit cards the bank issues offer a complimentary FICO Score, and customers can access it through the online banking portal. 

Capital One: The issuer offers credit scores via the CreditWise website, and the scores use VantageScore 3.0 model and TransUnion data.

Chase: Chase updates credit scores weekly, and anyone can check their score. They provide VantageScore 3.0 from Experian. 

Commerce Bank: The bank offers FICO Score, which is included in the monthly card statements that can be viewed online.

Citi: Customers can access free FICO scores through the bank’s online service. The bank updates the scores monthly, and they are based on Equifax data.

Discover: The issuer allows cardholders to get up to a year’s credit score history. Customers can also get their scores on their card statements. 

First National Bank of Omaha: FNBO provides access to free FICO core, which is updated monthly. 

HSBC: The bank offers cardholders a free FICO Score based on Equifax data. The score is provided in the monthly statement. 

KeyBank: customers receive a free FICO Score if they have a credit card account. They can access the score online, and it is updated monthly. However, for new customers, viewing the score for 90 days will not be possible.