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Facebook has joined other companies with video conferencing services such as Microsoft teams, Google Meet, and Zoom by launching a group video service called Messenger Room. The chat enables users to have a free group chat video calls of up to 50 people without a time limit.

Facebook launches video chat service on Messenger

The service is an expansion and feature-rich of the current video calling service on Facebook messenger. Callers can access the function through Messenger or the main Facebook App. Facebook indicated that one can set the limit on who can join the group video chat or make it public so that anybody having the link can still access the chat even without a Facebook account.

According to Facebook Messenger’s VP Stan Chudnovsky, one can easily start a chat and share on Facebook Groups, Events, and News Feeds so it becomes easier for one to drop by. The VP explained that it will be easier to choose who joins the room, remove someone from their room, and lock it if they don’t want more people to join.  For the company’s business, this is a massive opportunity for Facebook to realign messaging products with the provision of the video conference function as an option to the likes of Zoom.  

Get Messenger Rooms from latest Facebook and Messenger apps

For one to create a room, they need the latest version of Messenger or Facebook. Users across the globe will be able to create rooms using Messenger while those in North America will be able to create rooms from Facebook. Earlier, the social media company had indicated that the function was available within Events and Groups. However, on Thursday, Chudnovsky confirmed that they were looking to launch the Messenger Rooms’ ability to host up to 50 people.

Admins and members will easily create a Messenger Room through the Groups composer, which will display active Group chats that users can join. There can be several chat rooms per group, but once a Room has 50 people, it cannot add any more people, including admins.