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With the number of people working from home increasing due to the pandemic, having reliable and fast internet is very important. With more people working from home you expect strain on home Wi-Fi which can lead to slow internet speed which could affect how you work. Interestingly there are ways of boosting your internet speed without paying extra to your provider.

Considering an affordable provider upgrade

Internet providers allow customers to upgrade their packages in the short- and long-term but that could come with an expensive price. The good news is currently several providers are catering for individuals working from home by offering add-on options and special upgrades to bolster your internet. This implies that you can secure a faster and better internet without paying extra.

For instance, AT&T has a special offer on fiber internet where customers can upgrade to the new Superfast 1 GIG internet with a speed of 20 times faster compared to cable internet. Also, Windstream has a special upgrade letting customers enjoy up to 200 Mbps with no data caps at $19.99 per month.

Strategically position the router away from other devices

The router will be positioned at a convenient place that is close to connection outlets to internet cables. However, if you experience slower than normal internet speeds you should consider moving the router. Ensure the router is away from baby monitors, cordless phones, halogen lamps, stereos, halogen lamps, TVs, and monitors as well as computer speakers because they may affect your Wi-Fi.

Avoid using a microwave

Always switch off your microwave because microwaves cab affect Wi-Fi speed when running since they operate on the same frequency. Therefore turning off your microwave could just do the trick to prevent disruption.

Updating router firmware

Occasionally slow internet may be a result of outdated software and you can solve this by updating your router firmware. Manufacturers are always making software and firmware adjustments to enhance the performance of routers. Therefore regularly update your router to ensure your firmware is up-to-date and enjoy faster speeds.