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Are you a sports fan? Do you want to learn something new? Why not study sports management online? You could turn your passion into a great source of income. The business side of sports is as important as the professional side. Coaches and players will do their best, but won’t necessarily fit together. Fixing this puzzle might be your job.

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Besides working at what you love, you will learn about the business behind sports. How does management, finance, marketing and law are affecting the sports industry. What is the science behind team assembling, healthy organization practices or even reaching sponsorship deals. Sports management is a vast topic, suitable for those looking to learn about becoming agents, general managers, scouts or business development personnel.

Why Study Sports Management Online?

Sports management is a relatively new academic field. Therefore, the institutions teaching it are already suited for learning in the 21st century. The old model of going to class and looking at the teacher writing on the board is irrelevant in 2020. However, the advantages don’t end there. Online programs have much cheaper tuition costs, without mentioning the avoided added costs of fuel, parking, tolls and your valuable time. You can learn one of the most interesting topics from home, at your own pace with an affordable price tag from the best lecturers in the world.

Bachelor or Master

The difference between bachelor or master in sports management is the focus level at certain topics. At the bachelor level you will learn more about introductions to the many fields of sports management: Sports history, sports marketing, sports finance, communication, event management, facility management and ethical issues in sports. At the master level, you have to choose if you want to study business administration in sports management or if you are more interested on the scientific side of it, you can opt to learn master of science in sports management.

The duration of the degree varies between countries and institutions. A bachelor degree takes between three to four years and a master degree between one to two years. However, when you are taking online classes you have more capacity for courses and you can finish it a bit faster. Each school has their own requirements.

Average salaries in the United states for popular jobs in sports management:

* Contract Manager – $80,000
* Athletic Director – $60,000
* Agent – $58,000
* Coach – $43,000
* Fitness Manager – $43,000
* Event Coordinator – $41,000

However, the difference between elite agents, managers and directors to the average professionals is enormous. In the top leagues, general managers make between one to six million dollars per year. Phil Jackson, as a president of the New York Knicks made $12,000,000 a year. Pep Guardiola, the manager on Manchester City F.C sports is making around $19,000,000 a year.


Most high paying jobs are boring. For instance, many lawyers, accountants and dentists hate their job but are doing it because they love the money. With sports management, your ceiling is incredibly high while you are dealing with something you love, sports. Therefore, if you love sports, have the time and you are looking to study something new and interesting, sports management could be a great solution.

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