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Aristotle said, “man is by nature a political creature”. In every human society there is a hierarchy and structure of governance and leadership. Political science is, at its heart, a study of these most profound elements of our nature as social beings. Politics exists everywhere: in our media, in our elections, even in so many choices we make.

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Therefore, an understanding of political science, will prepare you not only for an interesting and fulfilling professional life, but also for a future as an informed member of society. Political science includes a wide variety of sub-disciplines including social sciences, history, philosophy, international relations, and law. You can study politics on a global scale: international security, diplomacy, multinational corporations, globalization, and transnational agents. Political also includes domestic policies, the lawmaking process, and studying the elements of a successful and healthy society. These are the reason why you should study international relations:

1. Gain a more nuanced understanding of political processes

How do major nations affect one another? How are countries interrelated? What causes war? What is globalization and how does it affect us? What makes one government successful and another one a failure? Where do political messages comes from and how can we better understand them?

These are just some of the many questions that political science attempts to answer. What is particularly interesting is that we live in an age of unprecedented information, yet it is by no means easy to separate the important information from the hype. “Fake news,” misinformation, and alternative facts are part of our daily political discourse. How can we see through the noise and interpret what is really going on?

Political science study will give you tools to do exactly this, enhancing your understanding of political processes and messages. You will no doubt learn tools to become a more informed member of society.

2. Job Opportunities

The opportunities for graduates of political science degrees are wide and varied, encompassing roles like government think tanks, intelligence services, local government bodies, academia, legislative advising, public relations, lawyer, marketing, advocacy for special interest groups, political campaigners, journalists, and many more.

Political science is a broad field that can lend itself to a huge number of professions. No matter what your ultimate interest, an understanding of the processes and rules of politics will make you more effective leader, communicator, and thinker.

3. Take part in the technological evolution of higher education

Online degrees are the future. In the 50’s, the average American lived 68 years. Nowadays, this number stands at 78 (a 10-year increase in life expectancy!) Americans traditionally studied one subject and maintained a single career for their entire professional lives. That is no longer the case. Nowadays, an average person has at least a few career shifts over their professional life. Online education has opened the door for everyone to study anything from home. The result is a more educated, more diverse professional population. The advantage is that these people can bring together knowledge and training from distinct disciplines.

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