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The world has never been more connected. Once a major stock market drops, the rest will follow. Economies are intertwined together to transcend borders and cultures. Nevertheless, there has never been such a peaceful time for humans. The world as our ancestors viewed has changed.

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In international relations studies you will analyze, understand and explain a variety of events, processes and players in the international field, For instance, you will examine aspects of international security, diplomacy, international institutes, globalization and transnational agents. It's impossible to understand a certain country in today's age without grasping it's place in the international field and their economical allies. These are the reason why you should study international relations:

1. Receive better understanding of international processes

How come the Chinese foreign currency policy is affecting economies in Africa? Why did the United Kingdom and Argentina went to war over Falkland Islands in 1984? How the fall of the Berlin wall has propelled the world into euphoria? Chaos theory revolves around the concept that an almost meaningless event in one place can cause mayhem on a different place. For instance, if the European union will boycott the import of coffee, it will affect plenty of countries that rely on coffee export. It is naive to believe that a single country controls it's own fate. In order to understand a country, it's important to examine it's place in the world

Only in Intentional relations studies, we analyze global procedures and not only local. The world is too big, diverse and interesting to view it through the scope of a single country. Therefore, if you want to understand how the world works, international studies are the right field for you

2. Job Opportunities

Even though international positions suit this field of studies, there are plenty of other directions one can take it. For instance, Intelligence relies on people who have a deeper understanding of other cultures. You don't necessarily have to become a spy, but graduates are welcomed at an intelligence bureau for analytics. On top of that, you can find yourself handling diplomacy services, government social research, international development and aid or even public affairs.

Even if choose not to work at these jobs, international relations can assist you to become a better journalist, lecturer or advance in the academy.

3. Take part in the technological evolution of higher education

Online degrees are the future. In the 50’s, the average American lived 68 years. Nowadays, this number stands at 78 (a 10-year increase in life expectancy!) Americans traditionally studied one subject and maintained a single career for their entire professional lives. That is no longer the case. Nowadays, an average person has at least a few career shifts over their professional life. Online education has opened the door for everyone to study anything from home. The result is a more educated, more diverse professional population. The advantage is that these people are able to bring together knowledge and training from distinct disciplines.

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