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A Homeland Security Degree is one of the most interesting degrees in the world. When fake news is often used to justify opinions, it's good to know what the academy and researchers have studied throughout the years. From emergency management to counter-terrorism, homeland security degrees cover a vast range of topics.

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With online programs from leading schools such as Arizona State University and Penn State University, you can enjoy classes from the leading researchers without even leaving your home. Study at your own pace for much less than the cost of traditional schools. An online degree in Homeland Security could be the best way for you to spend your leisure time. It's prestigious, convenient, and covers topics that are central to the heart and soul of our nation. Here is why you should study it:

1. Classes Are Interesting And Important

While conventional law enforcement and criminal justice studies focus on criminality, homeland security studies are focused on a specific kind of criminality: terrorism. You will study the root causes for terrorism, the psychology behind terrorism, and how politics affects terrorism. However, studies not only concentrated on understanding terrorism but also on how it is dealt with. You will learn about the legal system, public health, and even cyber-security.

2. Job Opportunities

If interest alone doesn't drive you to study homeland security, perhaps the job opportunities will. Graduates in homeland security can find jobs with great pay and job security. From CIA analyst a Secret Service Agent, you could find yourself patrolling the border or working in emergency think-tanks. It's important to fill these roles with people who have the proper education: people who can grasp the complete picture, who know about terrorism and understand the challenges our country faces. Therefore, this degree won't only get you a great job, it will also help you become very good at it.

3. Take part in the technological evolution of higher education

Online degrees are the future. In the 50's, the average American lived 68 years. Nowadays, this number stands at 78. That's a 10-year increase in life expectancy. In the past, people studied one subject and worked in that field the rest of their lives. Nowadays, a person can find himself juggling multiple careers and study subjects. Online education has opened the door for everyone to study anything from home. It's cheaper, more flexible (and possibly even more prestigious!) than regular degrees.

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