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If anyone has some free time, he/she should learn how to code. This is what I want to argue in this article. Besides developing problem solving skills and sharpening your logical thinking it can help you to become a better version of yourself. In modern times, programming skill are essential to almost anyone.

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In order to become a doctor, one needs to go to med school. a Lawyer has to go to law school. But, a programmer doesn't need to have a degree or a certificate in order to work in his profession. The sole thing the programmer needs, is programming skills. Learning how to code isn't easy, it requires a lot of practice and plenty of failures. But, even if you aren't looking for a career change, learning how to code could expand your horizons and enable you to become better at what you are doing.

From experience, the coding community is probably one of the nicest ones out there. To almost any problem, a programmer will be nice enough to assist. People are giving away their projects for free on platforms such as GitHub. They take a lot of pride in their accomplishment and want others to enjoy it as well. Learning how to code doesn't require you to leave your house or even pay a hefty amount for. There are plenty of classes and projects you can do online, for less than what conventional education institutes require.

1. Career

The need for programmers is huge. Almost any business needs them. If you have a website, some coding skills are necessary for the design to work properly. If you are using data in your business, you could use coding skills to automate your reports and make the data more accessible. However, not only business owners need coding skill. A quick look at any wanted list of good companies will unravel mostly positions that require coding skills: Python, SQL, Front-end, Back-end, cloud specialist. If these terms ring a bell for you than you know that these skills are in very high demand.

What's great for programmers is that the job market needs them so badly that it acts as Meritocracy. This is an economical-philosophical thought that puts emphasis on giving power based on skills. Hence, it doesn't matter what is your race, religion, age, gender, education or even where you have grown up. If you can code well, someone will want to pay you a very good salary for your services. You don't even need to find that person, HR agencies will do this for you.

2. Practicallity

Whats more practical than automating tasks for you? you can run a script on your emails to fetch all of your receipts. You can even program a drone to take your dog for a walk. The opportunities are endless for those who know how to operate a machine. Every thing we do online happens because a programmer has made it possible for us. While most of us aren't coding masters, we enjoy the fruits of the hard work of these people. If you are looking to understand the world surrounding you better, than some coding classes could help you. You don't know when you'll need to code. However, adding this skill to your skill set could assist you to solve problems in the future.

3. Interest

If you like to listen to music, play sports or even watch movies - all of them involve a lot of algorithms, data analysis tools and deep learning methods. How you can project if a player X will be good on Team Y? professional sports teams have outstanding analytical departments to make these decisions for them. However, player data is free and visible to everyone, even you can build tools to analyze how that player will perform. Almost any recording artist has his voice auto tuned, to make the sound he produces cleaner and more appealing to the ears.

The top grossing movies of 2019 are Avengers, Lion King, Frozen, Toy Story and Captain Marvel. Besides the fact that all of them were distributed by Disney, all of them are containing enormous amounts of animation and CGI (Computer-generated imagery). Understanding these aspects could enhance your appreciation for the directors, producers and actors who have worked hard to present their art.

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