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Sometimes in life, you have to learn things the hard way. For instance, if a homeowner isn't aware that he has to clean his gutters he could damage his property. Clogged gutters are the number one reason for basement water problems, causing infrastructure damage that might cost thousands.

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It is recommended to clean your gutters once or twice every year. In this article we will explain why it's important to clean your gutters and also why it's better to have a professional do it.

Why you must clean your gutters

There are three main reasons for cleaning your gutters. As we have already mentioned, the number one cause for basement flooding is clogged gutters. Leaves and dust combined with water make up for a gooey substance that clogs the gutters. Water can't go through the gutters and end up overflowing to unwanted places. The basement is underground and often water will start to leak there, causing wet walls that end up featuring black mold, bad odors and other water related issues

Once the debris in the gutters is moist, it's the perfect material for insect infestation. From the gutters, the path to the rest of the house is quite fast. Insects might infest your infrastructure and cause damage to other areas of the house. The smell attracts many unwanted visitors so the longer the gutters aren't cleaned, the worse it gets.

When the water are overflowing, the outer walls of the house have to handle immense amounts of rain which they aren't supposed to handle. This causes rotten wood to spread all over the house, making your living inside the house unbearable, not only the smell is horrible, but rodents and other insects will also find their way to your house.

The three reasons to hire a professional gutter cleaner

1. Save Money

When you have the right equipment, gutter cleaning isn't a complicated task. Depends on the size of your house, it shouldn't take very long for professionals. Also, professionals know how to thoroughly clean the gutters while making sure they aren't causing more damage, extending the gutters longevity. Therefore, you can save your time and money if you hire a professional

2. Prevent injury

Roof tiles aren't meant for people to walk on them, they can become slippery and with some bad maintenance they are a disaster waiting to happen for you. Many injuries happen on the roof, if you slip and fall you are risking yourself with a serious injury. But even getting to the roof is highly dangerous as ladders are a huge injury risk. Professional services are more aware of the potential hazards of the roof and are less likely to get injured. However, even if they do get injured they have liability insurance so if something happens to them, you are covered.

3. Keeping your house safe

If you don't have the right equipment you could cause damage to your gutters, as we explained the way to cause severe damage to your house's structure is to wreck the gutters. A professional with the right equipment will be much more gentle and therefore will be less likely to cause damage to your house.

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