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Does your current career path no longer makes as much sense as it did before? Perhaps you should consider a job in the criminal justice system. But, you’ll need a degree to enter this sector. Fortunately, with online associate programs you’ll earn a criminal justice degree in 24 months, opening the door for many high paying careers in Criminology.

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The truth of the matter is that many job opportunities pay well in the criminal justice system: They include forensics, FBI, lawyer or even being a police officer. However, the good jobs in the criminal justice segment will require you to have a degree, but do not let this discourage you. Here are some of the reasons for which you should explore a career in criminal justice.

It provides an opportunity for long-term growth

A criminal justice degree will unlock numerous doors as far as a long-term and stable career is concerned. The degree will allow you to pursue a variety of careers, such as becoming an FBI agent where you will investigate federal crimes. You can also become a private investigator where you can help provide justice for the wronged. A criminal justice degree will also allow you to venture into digital forensic analysis, which is arguably one of the more exciting criminal justice areas. Kinda like Barry Allen’s day job. If you watch CSI, you will have a rough idea of how forensics works.

Job security

Jobs in the criminal justice segment are highly secure as long as you uphold good conduct and a decent track record. Unfortunately, the idea of a crime-free society only exists in a eutopic world, but the reality is far much different. Crime is not ending any time soon, and so criminal justice careers will always exist.

A job where you can make a difference

This is perhaps the ideal career path for individuals who want to make a difference in the community and improve security. Also, it does not have to be an expensive affair since you can learn online, and this means you’ll be able to not only start your career faster but also relatively cheaper compared to other courses. And you get to make an actual difference in society.

Amazing job benefits

The first major benefit is obviously the pay. Jobs in the criminal justice segment pay a decent salary. In fact, you will likely earn more than many of your counterparts that work in the private sector, and this is especially true for specialists. You will have additional benefits, such as life insurance, retirement benefits, and health insurance.


Many people overlook jobs in the criminal justice segment, but if you think about it, these are among the few jobs where you can earn a decent living while making a positive contribution to society. The secure nature of jobs in the segment makes them worth pursuing.

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