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Choosing senior living apartments for your 55+ aged relatives can be quite a task due to the numerous options available. The reason for this wide variety of choices is not far-fetched. Canada has the highest life expectancy for any country in the world. Deciding on the type of senior home needed should not be an issue if you consider certain factors.

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There are different types of senior homes with each of them serving different functions. The different types include:

• Independent living homes

• Assisted living homes

• Residential care homes

• Alzheimer care/ Dementia care homes

Now, let’s explain each of them:

• Independent living homes

These types of senior apartments are meant for seniors that are agile and healthy enough to take care of themselves without any assistance. They are also known as seniors housing. They could either be a luxury independent senior living home or just basic care homes. They provide services like pools, therapy centres, gardens, and the likes. The seniors also get three meals daily. Their cost ranges from $1,400 to $3,500 depending on the services they provide. They are usually private-owned and come with exclusive benefits.

• Assisted living homes

These types of senior living apartments provide daily assistance to their seniors. They are meant for seniors who need help with their grooming and other activities. They are also known as supporting housing homes. Adults who are close to this stage can also be lodged into these homes. They provide additional services like daily assistance with activities like bathing and mobility, medication management. Their costs range from $1,500 to $5,000 depending on the services offered. Some houses provide the option of paying for only the services you use. They have a similarity to government-subsidized supportive housing.

• Alzheimer’s care/ Dementia care homes

These types of housing are meant for adults that have Alzheimer’s disease. They are also known as memory homes. They provide many services such as therapeutic programs for the seniors, three daily meals, and so on. Their doors are equipped with alarms to prevent the seniors from wandering off and getting lost as this is a major characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease. Their services cost in the range of $3,000 to $7,000. Some huge medical facilities offer this kind of housing.

• Residential homes

These are senior houses that place restrictions on the number of members that are placed in the home. These houses give that homey feel to the seniors, and they are allowed to relate with other seniors in the home through the organization of games and other fun events. They give other services like home-cooked meals.

Factors to consider when choosing seniors homes

• Price: You should consider your budget as you wouldn’t want a home that will break the bank. Go for something affordable and delivers quality service.

• Reviews: You can also use other people’s opinions about these senior homes to make a choice. Ask friends if they know about any good retirement homes which they can recommend.

• Location: You would want to choose a place not too far from your home if you would be visiting them on regular occasions.

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