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Graphic design is a position that’s been around for a while, but the limitations of it has truly widened up within the past few years. In fact, one can even say that with the development of technology, the sky’s the limit now, when it comes to graphic design and visual storytelling.

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The beauty of graphic design is the concept of capturing an idea through one or a series of visual imagery. From doodling and creating logos for business, to illustrating motion graphics for commercials, to creating inspiring fine-art comic pieces, the sky truly is the limit with this form of art.

What Specific Jobs Are Out There for Graphic Designers?

There is a range of jobs for graphic designs ranging from working on websites to magazines. The best part about graphic design is that there is plenty of room to grow. Whether you want to be an Art Director, Web Developer, or even an Industrial Designer, a background in graphic design is a requirement and incredibly beneficial.

Some of the roles you can partake as a commercial art graphic design, though, include:

* Creating brochures and logos
* Creating promotional and marketing materials
* Photography and text layout
* Museum exhibition or store design
* Visual images and illustration for animation, motion graphics, or video games
* Text graphics for movies and television shows
* Digital illustration and image editing

Should You Get a Graphic Design Degree?

While many people think all it takes is to be an avid graphic design is to draw well, there’s so many more amazing things graphic designers can do – especially when it comes to commercial art.

Graphic design is about communicating a message visually, but this role also requires extensive knowledge in type and text, marketing and understanding target audiences or consumers, utilizing space and proper color usage, storytelling, and most importantly how to receive feedback and critique in order to adjust your projects accordingly.

But let’s be real now, if a company doesn’t have a website or logo, then are they even considered to be an actual company? Everyone is in need of a graphic designer nowadays, whether it’s in-house or freelance work. And although a strong portfolio is required to get a decent job, obtaining a degree is just as important now-a-days.

Why Should You Get a Graphic Design Degree Online?

The best part about commercial art programs and degrees are that most of the courses and classes are project-based and focused on improving skills, as opposed to studying material. And for this very reason, studying your degree in Graphic Design online has become a popular choice.

And, again, if we’re being real, what artist doesn’t love flexible hours? Inspiration doesn’t wear a watch, and creativity will hit you during any and all hours of the day. Plus, most of your courses are computer-oriented anyway, so why not study from the comfort of your own home on your own personal computer?

How to Obtain Your Graphic Design Degree Online?

Because Graphic Designers are in such high demand, especially with the boom of technology and online media, there are many universities and private programs that offer the degree as a Bachelor’s via online classes. On top of that, there are even discounted or free online courses that you can take to try out beforehand or freshen up your skills. Some recommended companies that offer these courses are Alison, Canva, Coursera, Skillshare, or Udemy.

There are so many different types of programs that are offered, the best thing to do is to research and select the course that fits your needs and expectations

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