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Having a Medicare plan that will come through in your hour of need is very important. Unfortunately, the complexities involved in health insurance can be headaches for anyone, regardless of whether they are young or old.

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Despite the complex nature, you should always strive to get your money’s worth even in health insurance, and this means choosing the Medicare plan that provides the maximum benefit. This is why you might need to review your health insurance, especially if you are a senior. Here are some tips that can help you adjust your Medicare plan to get the most from it.

Consider your eligibility

Seniors become automatically eligible for Medicare coverage at 65 years old, but only if they have covered their Medicare tax obligations for at least ten years. This type of medical coverage is also available to disabled individuals and even people who suffer from various health conditions regardless of their age.

You also get to select what type of coverage you want. Note that Part A is freely available to all subscribers. Additions or any other type attract a monthly fee.

Which one should you select between Advantage Plan and Original?

You will also have to choose between an advantage plan or an original plan the first time you sign into Medicare coverage. The Original Medicare option has Part A, which will cover most of the costs that you may incur if you are hospitalized. Part B will cover outpatient costs, lab work costs, preventive care, and costs that may arise when you visit a doctor.

Private insurance companies usually provide a medicare advantage option. It offers the same advantages offered under Part A and B of Original Medicare, and it also adds a few extra advantages bundled in.

The advantage of the Original option is that it will allow you to be treated at any hospital and by any doctor in the U.S, but there is not prescription coverage available. However, you can add part D, which includes prescription coverage. Despite this, Original Medicare requires seniors to cover 20 percent of the expenses out-of-pocket.

The Medicare Advantage option is more comprehensive and is provided as an alternative option. It also covers areas such as dental, hearing, vision, and others that are not usually covered in Original Medicare.

Which option should you go for if you want to get covered for prescription medicines?

If you do not want prescription drug coverage, then Original Medicare is the best option for you without the addition of Part D. This is especially ideal if you do not pay a lot of money out-of-pocket for prescription drugs.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive option especially if you spend a lot on prescription drugs, consider bundling up Part D or even going for the Original Medicare option. If the latter is your choice, compare the different plans to make sure that your preferred option has the prescription coverage you can benefit from.


Optimizing your coverage aims to strike the right balance between medical coverage, the advantages available, and minimizing out-of-pocket expenses as much as possible. It is thus important that you carefully review the options so that you choose the one that best suits your needs.

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