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Private aircraft were once reserved for the ultra-rich and famed. As a result of the recent turmoil, impending strike action, and the fact that many airlines are drastically reducing their routes, more people than ever are considering private aircraft as a mode of transportation.

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Many people believe they cannot afford a seat on a private aircraft, but they are mistaken; private jets have never been more accessible than they are in 2023.

Private Jets are typically more expensive than ordinary commercial airlines, so don't anticipate a cheap flight to your desired location. However, when you know where to look you can find reasonably priced private jet flights for less than the price of a long-haul business class ticket on certain international carriers.

Empty Legs seats or traveling in a group to celebrate a bachelor party for example, is the least expensive option to fly on a private aircraft. In addition, pilots with a few thousand dollars in the purse may wish to purchase an aircraft share. This provides you access to flight time for a portion of the year and is significantly less expensive than purchasing your own aircraft. Compare these reasonably priced rates offered by US-based private jet companies and travel in style and opulence this year.

Air Charter May be The Best Way to Travel on a Private Jet at Very Reasonable Prices

The use of a private aircraft for recreational purposes allows you, your family, and your companions to travel in opulence, comfort, and privacy. As leisure time becomes more valuable and we value the journey almost as much as the destination, private jet popularity is rapidly increasing.

Whether it's a brief flight for a weekend of skiing or a two-week vacation in the Caribbean, Air Charter can assist you in selecting from a variety of popular private aircraft to get you and your loved ones to your destination with minimal hassle and in total comfort. Access to private terminals also allows you to avoid congested airports and security lines, allowing you to arrive refreshed and well rested. Additionally, folk can enjoy the outstanding service on board, including 5 star cuisine and beverages.

Jet Line benefits:

• Priority access to premium group-owned aircraft
• Enhanced booking and cancellation terms
• Personal Account Manager, available 24/7
• Enhanced control and convenience from fixed, upfront hourly rates

Cost: from $6,500

American Folk are Choosing a Private Jet Card That Lets Clients Fly in Luxury and Comfort

The Private Fly Jet Card provides the highest level of personalized service for private jet travel, as well as the assurance of working with one of the world's leading private aviation companies. In addition, this exceptional Jet Card provides fixed hourly rates, guaranteed availability, and preferential booking terms when traveling.

As a member of Private Fly Jet Card, you will have access to hand-picked aircraft from their safety-accredited network in Europe and the United States, including company-owned luxury aircraft. Additionally, your personal account manager is always available to ensure that every aspect of your excursion is handled.

Light Jet Plus benefits:

Access to a variety of the newest aircraft
Priority access to premium group-owned aircraft & hand-picked suppliers with guaranteed availability
Enhanced booking and cancellation terms
Personal Account Manager, available 24/7
Enhanced control and convenience from fixed, upfront hourly rates

Cost: from $7,500

American Air Charter Empty Leg Flights Can Save Customers Hundreds of Dollars On Private Jet Travel

Certain private aircraft services operate on a one-way charter basis. This means that the aircraft may be vacant when it returns to its home base or departs for another destination. These are known as 'Empty Legs' within the industry. They offer the perfect opportunity to fly on an aircraft for a few hundred dollars.

Empty Leg Flights that are presently available on the market are displayed in a drop-down menu at American Air Charter. Clients can simply click on an Empty Leg icon to submit an inquiry, or they can sign up for the newsletter to receive a weekly email listing all of the recently added Empty Legs.

This list is by no means exhaustive; when you are unable to locate a suitable Empty Leg on their website, simply contact one of their Empty Legs specialists directly and inform them of your regular routes. When one of your routes becomes available, they then contact you with an offer and update.

Empty Leg benefits:

Major savings: up to 75% of the cost of a regular charter
Aircraft: a wide range of private aircraft are available as Empty Legs
Up-to-date information: current Empty Legs are published and regularly updated on our website
The specialists: our Empty Legs specialists can inform you as soon as a chosen route appears on our database

Cost: from $500 one way

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