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It used to be nearly impossible to juggle work, family and education. In the 1960s, the average age for marriage was 22.5. Nowadays, it's around 28. The reality is that graduate programs weren't accessible in the past.

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Nowadays, online graduate programs are tailor-made for seniors. Since attending classes is no longer necessary, seniors can enrich their education on the best possible terms: from home, at their own pace, and with an affordable price tag. Top schools like the University of Minnesota, University of Washington, George Mason University, Mississippi State University, and many more are offering online programs to students. Age discrimination is illegal - so seniors have the same chance of getting into programs as millennials. Only 13.04% of the American population has a master's degree - this is your chance to separate yourself from the rest of the crowd.

Why These Programs Are Excellent for Grad Students

Bachelor's degrees mostly consist of introductions and learning academic tools such as statistics (statistics is important for any academic research). However, the time spent in statistics courses in most bachelor degrees is phenomenal. In a master's degree you choose what you want to focus on, leaving the introductions and statistics courses behind.

Psychology Master's Degree

A bachelor degree in psychology contains introductions to psychological concepts such as developmental psychology, physiological psychology, clinical psychology, and many more. Masters in Psychology degrees enable students to dive deep into areas of interest. For example, if you want to focus on psychoanalysis but are not interested in educational or medical psychology then a master's degree may suit you perfectly. A master's degree in psychology is significantly more challenging and rewarding than a bachelor degree.


Business-savvy individuals may be particularly interested in this master's degree program. These MBA degrees do not necessarily require a previous degree in the field or a GMAT test score. Therefore, this is probably the easiest graduate program to be accepted into. MBA degrees are designed for professionals from vast fields. These degrees are aimed at giving students tools to become excellent managers in their respective fields of interest. An MBA usually consists of courses in entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, and more. These subjects help any manager to fulfill his or her potential.

Master's In Healthcare Administration

Healthcare is not just for doctors and researchers. Graduates find themselves with a range of careers to pursue: clinic administrator, social welfare administrator, home health care administrator, and many more. However, perhaps the most interesting position is to manage operations within a hospital. This may be the most fulfilling degree one can take. You help save lives without being a doctor. As well as mental rewards, a degree in healthcare can boost your income. It is not rare for graduates of master's in healthcare administration to receive a salary above 100k/year. In school, you will learn the fundamentals of health administration: managing hospitals, their economical and marketing aspects, and human resources. The aim is to give graduates a multi-disciplinary view of the healthcare system.

Master's In Education

A master's degree in Education is a fantastic way to inspire the next generation. Children need inspiration to grow into ambitious adults. Many seniors can use their life experience to make the next generation much better. Sure, most children won't appreciate the hard work their teachers are giving in. However, a lot of us still remember how specific teachers helped us become who we are today. Think that some day you could be that one teacher who helped a child achieve something he didn't think he was capable of. Education is much more than just teaching, studying education could broaden your mind to think otherwise on parent-child relationships or on how older generations are going to pass on their knowledge to the younger ones.

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