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Dental implants can prove expensive for the average senior, finding the best implant options can save you both money and time. So let's dig into it!

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Dental implants are metal titanium posts that are surgically inserted into the jaw or gum line to support a crown or prosthetic tooth. They may also be used to secure a dental bridge or dentures. Many people prefer dental implants over dentures or bridges because they look and feel like natural teeth, usually last longer and better for overall oral hygiene.

Dental Implants let you to eat and speak properly, and since they do not move about in your mouth, they are more comfortable than dentures. They're also designed to last longer than dentures and to keep the underlying bone structure and tissue intact, preventing atrophy. Typically, when carried out properly, implants should last a lifetime.

Full mouth implants have revolutionized dentistry by offering a permanent replacement for dentures and bridges, as well as increased functionality and comfort. All of these benefits, however, may come at a high price, which is why some patients opt for low-cost dental implants abroad. However, not all dental implants are created equal. Compare these affordable dental implant choices for Seniors in the US in 2023 and restore your smile and overall confidence.

The Chicago Dentistry Clinic Provides Professional, Affordable Implant Procedures

The dental clinic provides a range of dental treatments to residents of Chicago and surrounding areas. Everything is available to seniors, from dental disease prevention to sophisticated procedures including implant placement, endodontics treatment, crowns and bridges, and periodontal surgery. The Chicago Dentistry Clinic includes a thorough sanitary practice in their everyday work, which includes sterile patient tool care and cutting edge dental appliances.

This outstanding clinic provides difficult surgical procedures such as implant placement, wisdom tooth extraction, periodontal surgery, and endodontics therapy. Such activities need extra hygiene precautions to be carried out in a safe and secure way and you can be assured of a professional service.

2023 prices: from $1500, includes two x-rays and two anesthetics

The New York Art Dental Clinic Offers Strong Reliable and Reasonably Priced Implants

Dentist and clinic owner at New York Art Dental, received his training at the Department of Dentistry and Oral Health at Yale University and has been practicing dentistry since 1990.
Originally from Denmark Morten Vind earned a certificate in implantology and bone regeneration from the Royal College of Surgeons in London (2010-2012) and has attended various courses both in the United States and overseas.

This leading New York clinic has received a plethora of outstanding patient reviews. Many seniors have opted for a full mouth implant program at this clinic due to their reasonable prices, high grade materials and fantastic patient care.


Diagnostics (CBCT / 3D scanning)
Bone regeneration
Implantology, wisdom teeth, cyst removal, retrograde root filling and more

2023 prices: Single implant starts at $1250 when a full mouth treatment is purchased

Dent Expert Have Over 75 Years of Experience in Dental Implant Treatment

For over 75 years Dent Expert has treated over 100,000 residents' teeth, and seniors all over the US are invited to book an appointment. They've been constantly developing their expertise over the years, and now they employ the most cutting-edge digital 3D technology to provide you with top-notch accuracy and visual communication. This means you and your dentist are be able to discuss your implants and your individual requirements in full detail.

The expert team comprises of five dentists, three dental nurses, six clinic assistants, and two receptionists that work together every day to provide the best possible care to their patients. Every year, their expert dentists, hygienists, and assistants go through continuing education to provide you with the finest dental treatment available. A single Titanium implant can be done in just one day and starts at just $1200.

2023 prices: from $1200 per implant

Morning Side is a Leading Dentist Clinic with Fantastic Prices and Senior Discounts

With many dental clinics in the US, Morning Side based in New York is the go to place for implants. They can assist you with anything from dental examinations to cosmetic dentistry. They offer new senior customers considerable discounts and deal with all insurers.

The skilled team speaks in layman's terms and provide you with all of the information you need to fully comprehend your dental treatment. Prices depend on your individual treatment and what government help you are entitled to. Though they are reasonably priced, they don’t cut corners on materials and use only the highest grade Titanium implants. Whether you require a single implant or a full mouth restoration they promise to give you the best service.


They are among the best dental clinics in the US
Leading clinic in dental implants
Extended warranties nation wide
Full satisfaction or money back guarantee

2023 prices: Single implants start at $1350

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