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As the coronavirus spreads, most people will prefer to stay at home, and of you were thinking of passing time playing games on your Xbox One, then today might not be your lucky day. There have been reports of an outage of service for most players despite Microsoft claiming that they have resolved the issue.

Microsoft working to fix issues with Xbox Live

There was an outage of Xbox Live on Xbox one for some players, but Microsoft indicated that they were aware of the issue and we’re working to fix it. Players were unable to connect the Division 2 to run Warlords of New York content. The dashboard of the home screen of the console has been showing not connected to Xbox Live, and it seems it has been a widespread problem.

Xbox Support released a statement on the same, indicating that they were aware of players not able to sign in to Xbox Live services, but its teams were working on the issue. The official statement from Xbox Support indicates that the issues might be affecting the purchase and usage of the content as well as other core services.

Xbox might have experienced more traffic than normal

Following the growing concerns of coronavirus, more people are staying at home, and there is a possibility that Xbox Live received much higher traffic than normal. This, in turn, could have caused server issues. Similarly, it could be possible that Xbox Live is experiencing normal issues just as it did some time last year. It is not clear which region is experiencing most outages, but it appears users across the globe are experiencing the same issues.

Normally Xbox Live outages don’t last for long, but the problem might be compounded by the fact that Microsoft employees have to work from home. This is the same for most gaming companies, and Microsoft was among the first companies to tell employees to work from home. Microsoft is headquartered in Seattle, which is the area where the spread of COVID-19 began in the US.