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Approximately half of women feel that they’re entering a phase of increased confidence, with this shift typically occurring after the age of 38, according to a recent survey of 2,000 women over 35.

Women’s self-esteem increases as they mature

This increase in self-esteem is a gradual process, with nearly 29% of respondents feeling least like their authentic selves during their teenage years, and 21% experiencing their lowest confidence levels in their college-age years. For some women, it took over two decades to fully embrace their true selves.

Over 60% of women feel more confident now than in their younger years, with a significant increase in confidence among women in the Northeast (75%) and the West Coast (66%) after turning 35. Additionally, 46% of women expect to become even more authentic in the next five years. This information comes from a survey conducted by OnePoll for AGEbeautiful by Zotos Professional, which also found that 67% of women are actively seeking ways to boost their confidence in specific areas of their lives.

Many women aim to boost their confidence in various aspects of life, including socializing, appearance, career, and hobbies. Embracing unique beauty and hair transformations can unlock newfound confidence, according to spokesperson Christopher Naselli. Good hair days, compliments from loved ones, and positive social media comments also contribute to their confidence.

Women love experimenting with new looks

Most women have been exploring new styles and looks by changing their wardrobe (39%), experimenting with new hair colors (37%), and trying different hairstyles (34%). On average, women have experimented with three different hairstyles and worn two different hair colors in the past 10 years. In fact, 27 percent of women have tried more than five different hairstyles during this time frame.

A significant number of women have tried multiple wardrobes over the last decade, with 23% trying six or more. Furthermore, 61% of women view aging positively, emphasizing the idea of embracing age with confidence and style. Michelle Ryan, a spokesperson for Zotos Professional, highlights how women are redefining the aging narrative by experimenting with new hairstyles, colors, and fashion choices.