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Paul Tudor Jones, the famous hedge-fund personality, gave a statement recently conveying that the coming economic recession in the United States might be quite ugly. In an event “Talk at GS,” that was sponsored by the Goldman Sachs, Paul Tudor Jones said, “The next recession is really frightening because we don’t have any stabilizers.”

Jones said that the future monetary policy of the US will exhaust soon, although the US does not mind having the fiscal stabilizers. He also forecasted that the bond and stock market yields are all set for a crazy increase.

Paul Tudor Jones also later gave a statement saying that the rates would increase and the stocks would also rise at the year-end. On 19th June 2018, the DJIA or the Dow Jones Industrial Average was -0.17%, which wrapped up the sessions by a decrease of 1.2% or 287 points at 24,700 thus wiping all of the gains of the existing blue-chip benchmarks of 2018. This gained a heightened concern about the prevalent trade stress between the United States global markets and China.

Paul Tudor Jones is known for his credibility for predictions regarding the stock-market break down on October 19th, 1987. This crash saw that Dow Jones Industrial Average lost nearly around 23% of its total value, thus marking the highest single-day percentage decrease in the benchmark history of the Blue-chip.

Jones established Tudor in the year 1980 and became famous in the world of trade, which included everything ranging from commodities to currencies. As per the Forbes list of billionaires, Paul Tudor Jones has a net value of $4.7 billion. According to his records, he has garnered mediocre returns and lost billions of money from his hedge fund in recent years. The coming recession would be extremely frightening as per Paul Tudor Jones.