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Having a nursing degree is the best career choice you can ever make. Data from a 2017 survey conducted by AMN Healthcare suggest that nearly 83% of registered nurses are contented with their career in nursing. Experts estimate that the nurse workforce will surge by 15% within the next decade presenting some certainty in securing a career if you enroll now. Aside from competitive salaries and a fulfilling career, there are several other reasons you should consider a career in nursing.

Saving Lives

For starters, it is an absolute pleasure to save lives for a living. Nurses are doctors’ aids and are always available when the latter perform life-saving medical procedures. Besides executing doctors’ instructions, almost their entire career revolves around conferring help to patients that cannot otherwise fend for themselves. Like I mentioned, it is genuinely fulfilling to help vulnerable people especially when they cannot do it for themselves. Nurses often organize voluntary community service to help sensitize the community on matters health. They also offer medical attention to the sick in the process. A career in nursing is an excellent choice if you are genuinely looking to help people.

Practical skills                                                                                 

Moving on, a nursing degree equips one with practical skills that can be applied anywhere around the globe. There are no geographical limitations for a registered nurse. A nurse is always relevant whenever there’s a medical emergency regardless of the circumstances at hand. Also, nurses can join the labor market relatively faster compared to other degree students. With a 2-3 year diploma or associate degree, a nurse is good enough to step into the workforce. A degree in nursing is about the most diversified degree one can ever take. Like it is with doctors, nurses also have a variety of options they can major in. One can opt to specialize in infants, midwifery, anesthesiology among others. One can also switch options with relative ease.